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Davidson Makers 2013-14 Projects

2013-14 Projects
Project Makers Description
The Digital tic-tocker Sean This is an arduino-controlled digital clock that has a 7-segment display
Mario-in-the-box Byron, Guillermo, Alex V., Ricardo It's a motion-activated jack-in-the-box featuring a 3D-printed Mario that also plays the Mario theme song.  The box is arduino controlled with an RC servo, a ping sensor, and a piezoelectric buzzer for sound.
Portable iPod speaker Joseph This is a battery-powered iPod speaker that plays music you want it to play.  Just plug in your audio device into the 3.5mm headphone jack and play the music you want. Also has volume control, on/off switch and indicator LED.
Baseball pin Walker, Santiago 3D-printed baseball-shaped pin with scrolling letters on an embedded LED matix powered by an arduino saying "Go Giants!"
Robotic AT-AT walker Alex P. This is an arduino-powered robot with servo-powered legs for decoration and hidden wheels for propulsion.  The body is 3D printed, and has sound effects playing from an sd controller.
Smart robot Zak This is an arduino powered robot.  It goes towards light with photoresistors and avoids walls with a ping sensor
X-Box controller-shaped cutting board Veroneca Cutting board with multiple different kinds of hard woods in the shape of an X-Box controller.  It has a smooth surface and rounded edges.