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Information for 2019/2020 Classes

If you need information about your class, including forms and assignments, you'll most likely find it here!

Advanced and Intermediate Band Information and Dates 

Beginning Band Information

Instrument Use Form

Practice Cards

Steel Pans Information and Dates

Music Class Bell Schedule

Fidelity March Practice Folder

Jazz Band







Be Part of the Band!

Here is some helpful information regarding next year's classes. 


Click on these links from Mr. Trillo.....

will be updated soon!


Videos with info and advice.....

Parent Video (Scott Lang) 5" 

Student Video (Scott Lang) 15"

Instruments of the Band (Scott Lang) 11"

Short Introduction - DMS Beginning Band 1"

DMS Student Instrument Demos 1"

Former Beginning Band Recruiting Video 2"



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There is no limit to the number of signup per child!


Advanced Band


Intermediate Band


Beginning Band


6th period Steel Pans